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How to Kill Your House Plants: the definitive guide

Do the opposite and your house plants will thrive, giving you years of enjoyment!

In this short mini-series on the benefits of house plants, Jez Rose offers the definitive guide to how to most successfully kill your house plants…


– the quickest and easiest way to kill most house plants is just to simply forget that they are living things that, like us, require food and water. Buy one, leave it in a pot and then just try your absolute hardest to completely forget about it. Walk away and never think of it again. It will dry out, starve and die. Then simply throw away while bemoaning that you manage to kill every plant you own. Some plants like Croton are especially keen on dry periods, but at some point even they will die if you never water them.


– if you prefer a more, “Killing Eve” hands-on approach, try flooding it with water. For maximum effect use a pot with no drainage holes so that entire plant and

A Journey That Will Take 12 Weeks…

Autumn is a time of change – and loss.

Back in March at the very beginning of the viral pandemic I was a pillar of positivity. I sensed the social pain, frustration and challenges associated with the practicalities of lockdown, but from a behavioural perspective understood the significant underlying and unseen problems there would be from isolation, social starvation and disruption to routine.

Behind the positive videos we produced, blogs and content I continued to produce to help maintain perspective on the uncertain situation, things were extremely difficult. Most of my income relies on people coming together in the form of conferences, events, broadcast filming and workshops here at the farm. As a result of lockdown and the subsequent covid-19 restrictions, within 7 days I lost

Decisions, choices and being in control

Allow everything to happen to you.

As the dark evenings draw ever-closer, almost imperceptibly creeping in, and the mornings become more difficult to arise from, there was for me this week the sudden realisation that Autumn is very much here. With Autumn comes, for many, Seasonal Affective Disorder (rather appropriately abbreviated to S.A.D.), otherwise known as “the winter blues”.

It’s a real thing, and until only a few years back I had no idea it would have played such an important role in me discovering a greater sense of productivity; balance, and happiness, and in understanding changes to workplace behaviour.