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The 12 Week Journey Half Way Point…

In the distance, there is always light.

It’s week 6 of my 12 week journey I wrote about in this blog entry back in October. I’m at the half way point and while I didn’t intend on keeping a journal, or sharing regular updates about the development of the journey, I did want to share this development in case it is of use to anyone else.

This journey was prompted by a desire to share honesty, truth and vulnerability. It felt, for me, like a huge gamble to be so open and to publicly share such a personal journey of growth and development – however,  being true to yourself, and honouring that, is the ultimate definition of authenticity. And authenticity is something I know so many of us are craving: from the news; from our idols; from social media; from our friends and in this incredibly anxious and challenging set of circumstances we find ourselves in, from our leaders and society, too. Authenticity is ultimately about