Corona Crisis Sees Surge in Responsible Businesses Adopting Beehives

The Coronavirus has put a stop to a lot of things, but it’s also shined a spotlight on the importance of finding innovative ways to maintain engagement with staff and stakeholders, whilst simultaneously embracing novel methods of cutting through a lot of noise to ensure your brand and its values continue to be seen.

Adopting a bee hive provides a corporate social responsibility (CSR) solution with maximum environmental impact.

Here on my farm, we’ve been providing businesses the opportunity to adopt working honeybee hives for three years now. In that time we’ve worked with clients from a wide range of sectors: hospitality; creative; retail, and automotive, including The Ned hotel in London; Tom Sellers’ Michelin-starred Restaurant Story and Sophie Allport. We’ve attracted some of the most iconic brands in Britain, but one thing that connects them all is the realisation just how important it is to be able to demonstrate in what ways they are a responsible business. Simply talking about “doing your bit” is no longer enough – you need to be seen to be acting, and with a clearly positive outcome.

According to Business Case for Purpose, companies with a clearly defined sense of purpose are up to 50% more likely to successfully expand into a new market.

Fortunately, my work as a conference host and consulting on behaviour insight has brought me up close to business challenges. It was this that helped show me exactly what my clients needed, and we were fortunate enough to have an award-winning solution already in place here on the farm. Since Coronavirus has caused distraction and social distress, we have seen a significant increase in enquiries from businesses looking to use this quieter time to not only act positively, but to help create welcome news and entice attention towards them instead.

In 1900 it was estimated there were 1 million beehives across the United Kingdom; by 2015 there were just 270,000

With Spring officially here and people being encouraged to focus on reconnecting with nature and the outdoors, it’s the perfect time to think about bees. Adopting a bee hive is a natural sustainability solution – and one that pays back ten-fold.

  • You’ll be actively playing a key role in making a positive and immediate environmental difference
  • Unique, refreshing and highly shareable digital collateral, including regular updates on your hive for culture engagement, marketing and PR
  • Help us to reverse the decline of the pollinator population and the now rare native British honeybee
  • Topical and popular content from a cost-effective CSR solution
  • Your brand’s very own 100% British, award-winning honey, jarred and delivered to you at the end of the honey season

“According to various recent studies global insect decline is in abundance of 50-75%” Soil Association, 2019

I believe we’ve discovered a truly win-win-win solution for engagement; positive social marketing to help promote business brand, ethos and values, and all with real-time positive impact on the environment, specifically the native British honeybee.

Download your free guide to our honeybee hive adoption plans from the Bees & Co. website.

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