DAY 2: 7 Days of Self Care

Change of any kind starts and ends with us.

It’s a new year, and while things don’t feel much different yet, we are all finding ourselves spending more time with ourselves; either alone, or simply more often without as many interactions as we once had. So, in day 2 of my 7 Days of Self Care, I’m focusing very much on the “big taboo” of self care: your body.

I think men get a rough ride when it comes to caring for their bodies. It’s better now than it was; more acceptable to moisturise, for example, but it’s still not widely embraced that caring for your body is important. I’d say that for the girls, too. While the beauty industry has been laser-focused on women for years, it’s still something that’s seen as a treat; to be done in your own time and that shouldn’t impact on anyone else.

Well, while I’m not endorsing foot spas in the boardroom, I am saying that self care is CRITICAL for humans. You are number one. No one is going to change for you, so if you want to see change of any kind, it starts and ends with us.

Why not have a shower or bath one evening? Most of us wash in the morning so this is about having an additional wash, and making it a little less practical and more enjoyable. Take your time. Maybe light a candle and put some music on. Try a different bathing product. Maybe a face mask, or moisturise your body. Get trimming or shaping. Wax or shave stray hairs. Buddhist monks consider bathing an integral part of their daily connection with their faith. Got a part of your body you don’t like? Start a journey to learn to love it, or at least accept it with open arms as a part of you. Everyone has that one or more bit they wish they could change. Either do something about it, or shut up about it, because the self-loathing is not conducive with self-care. Trim your nails; wash your hair… whatever your gender, do something every day for your body. Spoil your temple. I shave on Tuesday and Friday, and have a regular second shower before an evening in pyjamas. I’m currently experimenting with a self tan moisturiser to combat having not travelled all year, although that doesn’t seem to be working. Regular bathing and “beauty” routines are useful to keep yourself feeling cared for and to carve time for you and you alone. Try it!

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