DAY 4: 7 Days of Self Care

You’re already doing self care without you realising it

It might not be obvious on face value but I’ve got more in common with Gloria Gaynor than you might think.

There are some things we all do that help put us in the mood (whatever mood we’re seeking amplification of); to set the tone; to give us the feels. Lighting a candle; putting on a favourite album; making a favourite meal, or getting your hair cut. That action of taking charge of how we feel is self care – and it’s as normal as it is important. Making self care a part of your daily routine is my suggestion for 2021 for a happier year and exactly why I’ve created 7 Days of Self Care.

Get Gloria Gaynor on full volume, get your hair cut, do a workout or yoga session, or wear a new favourite jumper. Do something once a day or even just once week that you can plan and look forward to that you will get not only enjoyment out of but that makes you feel like a better person: more confident, more positive, and happier.

I love how getting my hair cut makes me feel instantly better. I’m not a vain person – I avoid logos or any outward projection of brands or status wherever possible and my hair isn’t exactly radical. It’s not about screaming for attention. This journey is about inner self worth; connecting with an inner authenticity and peace, being kinder to yourself, and knowing that those things bring happiness. And if there’s one thing we all need more of in life it’s happiness.

What is your go-to act that gives you the feels?

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