DAY 3: 7 Days of Self Care

The benefits to our brain of being outside have been extensively documented and evidenced

Every single day I do something for me – and you should, too. You don’t have to love yourself; you can at best accept who you are, but valuing yourself for the person you are today is key to the emotional well-being and happiness that keeps us mentally well, and physically fit. You can join in on my 7 Days of Self Care by trying each of the things I do as I do them, or using them as inspiration for your own ideas of ways to do something for you – for your body – for your mind. But do them not for someone else: for you.

The garden for me is my life classroom, and also my solace. Being outdoors, in a wood or on a walk surrounded by nature is, if I’m honest, second best. It’s the collection of plants and space and design in a garden that I love. Improving. If you can’t find me, I’ll be in the greenhouse. Being outdoors, whether walking Marley, or gardening, transforms how I feel. It’s the endorphins and change in chemicals in your brain that fresh air and contact with nature brings.

But that first step to get outside is often the most challenging when you’re comfortable and cosy inside. It’s easier to reach for the remote than it is your scarf. There’s no such thing as bad weather though, only the wrong clothes. Wednesday is my day off and every week I spend a day in the garden with a nice long list of what I could achieve. This week I’m potting up trees, sorting the greenhouse and installing a fence to the herb garden. Happy as Larry 🐑

You might not be able to take a whole day off to spend outside with purpose, but an hour a week could be your aim to begin with; or to carve a few hours into a regular weekend routine to go for a long walk, or explore the countryside – or simply to start a project with house plants indoors.

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