DAY 5: 7 Days of Self Care

Even simple stretches are an easy way to feel the benefits of moving more!

It’s great to see so many of you taking part in my 7 Days of Self Care challenge! Keep your examples coming and feel the benefits especially as over the next few weeks the latest lockdown brings us an opportunity to focus on us.

The thought of going to the gym or working out has never appealed to me. I did it at school only because it was an alternative to football, which I can’t stand. I’m not lazy and I’m very active generally but the idea of monotonous repetitive exercise just doesn’t interest me. I’m fortunate that I have a really high metabolism so can eat almost what I like and don’t carry much weight, but fast forward to 2020 and now my daily workout routines are sacrosanct. Every morning I’m up and into a routine that includes an increasing number of bicep curls, push ups, weighted sit ups and varying alternative depending on what I feel like.

It’s not about becoming buff or chasing a chiselled body stereotype; it’s simply about moving. You might want to try stretches; yoga; Pilates; a run or even a longer walk with the dog (or rabbit; harnesses for rabbits are an actual real thing 🤯).

Don’t miss the opportunity every day to kick start your ticker; flood your brain with positive neurochemistry, and feel the benefits of being in direct contact with your body. This is for you, remember: a bit of scheduled time for you to spend time with, and focused on, you.

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