DAY 6: 7 Days of Self Care

Enjoy the feeling of putting you first.

Can you believe I’m almost at the end of my 7 Days of Self Care? Where did the time go? And everything is so easy to do, too. I hope you’ll join in, even if you take just one thing and drop it into your daily routine every now and again when you need to.

In the mean time, here’s today’s self care rant 😇

Very often when it’s just for us we don’t make the effort. The nice plates come out for dinner parties; we cook something special for when friends are over; we put on our favourite clothes for going out; save the expensive toiletries for special occasions, and generally make do for us.

Well, you deserve to be spoilt, and you deserve to be spoilt by you. One of my treats is to brew a pot of loose leaf tea, taking my time over warming the pot; letting the leaves steep and enjoying a hot cup of tea from a cup and saucer. It takes more time than a bag and somehow feels a little more elegant than a mug. The ritual is almost hypnotic and the tea always tastes better!

Finding small things to include into moments throughout the day can be an easy way to add more moments into your self care bank: using a favourite pen; starting a new notebook; changing the bed sheets; randomly doing something you want to do but isn’t part of your schedule – get spoiling yourself and enjoy that feeling of being put first by you.

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