DAY 7: 7 Days of Self Care

A window to nature’s soul

View from the new living room at 0740 this morning; my new favourite room of the house for the light and incredible window into nature’s soul.

My 7 Days of Self Care is over and I hope you were inspired to at least consider self care in a different way. It’s like oxygen for your soul. Self care is not a destination. It is an essential part of being human and a dynamic process: what you need changed as you change. For some inspiration and in an act of vulnerability to embrace being human here’s my weekly moments of self care:

Twice a week I shave and three times a week I trim the bits that need trimming; always in my mind is a second shower or bath (I’m much more a shower person) but always on a Wednesday as that’s my sacrosanct day off for time in the garden or greenhouse, so there’s an excuse to spend the evening relaxing in my pyjamas. Every morning I moisturise and once a month I get my hair cut; every morning I do a mini workout and 4 times a week a longer hour long workout; twice a day I’m fuelling my body with a calorie and protein shake, and stop for elevenses: a cup of hot tea and a Snickers bar. But every morning begins with a hot cup of tea and some time to read whatever book I’m reading at the time. I even consider ensuring I’m drinking 3 litres of water, and no alcohol, part of my self care routine. It keeps me fresh, alert and much happier. I’m always early to bed; I’ve got old people genes and if it’s later then 9.30PM I feel wild. Every morning on a Sunday I spend time watering and checking the house plants; a ritual that I look forward to all week as much as my day off in the garden. None of us are perfect; we are only human. RECLAIM YOUR IDENTITY AS A HUMAN – embrace authenticity and vulnerability.

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