Hip Hop Legends “Too Many T’s” Crowdfund For Bee Hives

From our organic farm in sleepy Lincolnshire we never quite thought we’d attract the attention of the incredible hip-hop legends, ‘Too Many T’s’!…

Launched to celebrate National Honeybee Day, the duo released a special bee-themed rap, which clocked up over 1,000 views in just 2 days and aims to promote the importance of the bee, whilst warning of their gradual decline.

Ross and Leon happen to also be an environmentally conscious rap duo and love bees as much as we do – what’s more, they’re also concerned about the decline of the honeybee (and bumble bees, too) and wanted to do something about it, so we’ve teamed up to create this powerful crowdfunding campaign…

Titled “Too Many T’s… Not Enough Bees”, the pair are encouraging their fans – and if you’re not a fan, we think you will be when you’ve seen this video! – to donate £10, £25, £50 or £500 to be part of their campaign to adopt an exclusive Too Many T’s beehive here on our farm. Leon and Ross are giving away merch and exclusive Too Many T’s honey to sweeten the deal and have even bagged support from the awesome street artist Jim Vision to help them decorate their adopted hives.

The video namecheck the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, British Bee Keepers Association and Greenpeace, who are all important voices in educating the public on how critical bees are to pollination, biodiversity, the food chain, habitat and our environment.

Check out the campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo here to read more and take part in this unique opportunity to own a part of a beehive and an environmental movement inspired by music and art.

We’re delighted to be working with Too Many T’s on this exciting project – click here to join in!

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