How to Supercharge Your CSR

Supercharge Your Corporate Sustainability!

Owner of Bees & Co., broadcaster and honeybee farmer Jez Rose, offers simple but highly effective ways to create – or maintain – a supercharged, effective corporate social responsibility culture that pays.

  1. Aim to engage with or support a global cause; something that connects your employees or business aims or values, rather than something that’s close to only one or two people. Consider how customers and stakeholders will react to your choice. Improving the environment – our shared living space – is a good example of a global cause.
  2. Consider brightening up empty patches of land for staff and visitors, whilst providing essential food for pollinators by using wildflower seeds as gifts, incentives and for promotions. Or create a project at your premises that shares the progress throughout the seasons.
  3. Don’t be shy about being a tiny bit selfish: it’s okay for you to benefit, too! You’re much more likely to obtain global buy-in when doing something that works for your business and its employees. True altruism is achieved by being a little more selfless, however, so consider how your CSR or sustainability activities might benefit everyone inclusively.
  4. To truly stand out and make your responsibility count, find ways to engage regularly with your cause: encourage walking meetings to generate discussion among your businesses advocates and champions whilst simultaneously boosting wellbeing through outdoor contact; host a monthly gardening club to grow herbs and create a wildlife area, or consider adopting a beehive, for example.
  5. Champions are critical to the success of corporate responsibility programs: recruit a team to lead the cause and maintain the momentum, acting as a communication channel within your organisation to share and inspire.
  6. Demonstrate the importance to your organisation of corporate responsibility by recognising or rewarding employee engagement. With Bees for Business you’ll enjoy jars of your own delicious, raw, British honey from your hive, which make ideal, meaningful gifts.
  7. Be proud of the active role you are playing. Many businesses use corporate responsibility as nothing more than a tick in a box: engage with your local, industry and national press to confidently champion your cause. We provide Bees for Business customers with a Press Pack, with most of the work already done for you.
  8. Simple things can make a big difference. Corporate social responsibility doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Simply hanging bird feeders (and keeping them topped up throughout the year!) to support local wildlife is better than doing nothing. Find something that is easily achievable for you; most things can be scaled up in time when resources allow.
  9. Aim to move forwards and truly make a difference with your program, rather than repeating the same things for the sake of it. With an adopted beehive you’re continuously improving the environment by supporting a living infrastructure and helping to prevent the decline of the native, British honeybee population, whilst benefiting from the myriad health benefits of raw honey.
  10. Keep employees up to date with progress, achievements and future plans for corporate responsibility: all too often interest and engagement fizzles out because people aren’t kept engaged.

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