Hunny’s Lemonade Alcohol-Free Cocktail Recipe

We teamed up with one of our Business Beehive Adoption clients, The Ned hotel in London, to create some exciting cocktails with honey at their heart, using honey from their adopted hive here on the farm. Head of Bars, Dan Berger, shook up a honey storm behind the bar with these delicious recipes you can try at home!


40ml Honey water (3 parts honey, 1 part water)

20ml Fresh lemon juice

20ml Fresh lime juice

100ml Soda water


Step 1:

Build in a highball glass with ice.

Step 2:

Served in a highball glass with a ginger candy garnish.

Step 3:

Sit back, sip slowly and enjoy that Friday feeling…


We all love to celebrate the weekend or a special Birthday with a little tipple but please remember to drink responsibly.

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