Maximising Your Honeybee Hive Adoption Plan

Adopting a beehive provides an innovative, interesting, practical and on-trend way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, whilst making an actively porosity impact on the environment.

Our honeybee hive adoption plans have been so popular since we launched them in 2017 because of their fascinating, effective and environmentally impactful result.

Here are just a few ways that you can maximise your adoption plan but we love to hear of what you’re doing to share the news of your hive, so don’t forget to tag us on social media @ThatJezRose and drop us an email with photos of what you’re up to!

The messages are important and clear: your honey is raw and British from your very own hive. Each hive we place increases the honeybee population, helping to prevent the decline of the native honeybee. More bees means more pollinators and if you’ve planted the organic, bee-friendly British flower seeds we sent you, you’re helping to do your bit to provide food sources for them, too.

Making It “A Thing”

One of our awesome clients is Bronco, a leading creative digital marketing agency. They adopted a hive because they wanted a corporate social responsibility element that was about the environment and were concerned about the decline of the honeybee population in Britain. They worked with us to create the fantastic website to showcase some fascinating facts about the honeybee, whilst showcasing their amazing skill at web design.

Why not tie in your adopted hive with your products, or service in some way? Create a special “honeybee edition”, include facts about your hive with orders, or even add bee themes to your branding for the summer months to proudly shout about your involvement with your very own hive.

Let The Press Know

We’ve provided a press release template for you in your resources folder but of course you can write your own to let industry, local and national press know what you’re doing to help the environment and the honeybee population. Don’t forget to write a blog about it, perhaps also reaching out to other blog writers to let them know, too, and of course share the updates of your hive on your own social media channels. A regular “monthly update on our bees” is simple using the videos and photos we provide you – don’t forget the all-important bee and environment-related hashtags because your followers will love watching the progress of your bees. We use #bees #CSR #corporatesocialresponsibility #environment #honey #instabees #pollinators #sustainability #carbonneutral and of course tag us @ThatJezRose so we can share.

Schedule regular updates to your blog and press contacts, including letting your suppliers and customers know – many of those will share your story, too. If you make your hive adoption part of your DNA; your focus and purpose, it will quickly become part of your story and one of the interesting ways that people identify and connect with your brand.

In the resources folder you’ll see examples of some of the national press coverage our clients have achieved.


We have plenty of resources you can add your logo and details to including honey-based recipe cards, flower planting guides and fact sheets.

The honey harvest is one of the most exciting times of the year and the part most of our clients really look forward to. There’s nothing – really, nothing – like tasting your very own raw, British honey.

Some of our customers give their honey to VIP customers but don’t forget that running competitions on social media, or linking up with an allied partner, local cause or community project is also a valuable way to shout about your honey. Ideas for competitions and ways to engage a larger audience include naming your colony’s queen bee; designing your honey labels (you can order bespoke labels direct from us using the template in the resources folder) and if you have an online shop, reception or staff canteen, why not sell your exclusive honey there?

Think Big!

Why not visit the farm to decorate your hive? Do you have a celebrity brand you work with that could help decorate it or perhaps sign the hive above the entrance to add something unique and fun to the design?

Why not make your hive adoption part of your next exhibition stand, advertising campaign or office fun day? Decorating your office or creating a small “bee friendly” garden (or even window box!), for example: are all photogenic, fun and shareable stories and make great additions to twitter, instagram, YouTube and boomerang.


You can print whatever you like on our organic bee-friendly flower seed packets on both sides – why not use them as business cards, as giveaways, incentives or prizes?

Linkedin, your blog and of course a page on your website are all ideal places to explain to your followers, investors, clients and key stakeholders why you adopted a hive, why it’s important to the environment, why you teamed up with the world’s first certified Carbon Neutral honey farm (that’s us!), what your adoption plan offers you and the environment.

Each month you could film a short video on your phone and upload it to your social media channels, asking your team to share their favourite honeybee fact, top environment tip, or share their favourite honey recipe.

Paint It!

You’re welcome to send a few of your team to the farm to decorate your hive: take photos and record the event to use in your press activities, or why not run a competition perhaps with a local school and have the winning design installed onto your hive?!


Adopting a honeybee hive is a great opportunity to showcase your brand as changemakers in your industry. By simply asking the question: “is corporate social responsibility important for our industry?” you’re helping to challenge what other businesses think about how important the environment is and their impact upon it.

Your beehive adoption can become part of positioning yourself as challengers in your industry, to help improve the way it engages with important environmental discussions and offsetting your corporate carbon use.


Our Bee Lovers Flower Guide was written and designed by award-winning garden designer Adam Frost

We’ve produced well over 50 different types of resources, from bee-friendly flower guides in collaboration with award-winning garden designer Adam Frost, to bee-friendly flower seeds, recipe cards, cocktail recipes and even bee identification guides. All of these are available for your use, to whitelabel and share with your own branding.

You’ll see that imagination really is your only limit!…


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