Neal’s Yard Remedies Join Us On the Farm!

Marissa helping to create wildlife bug boxes made from recycled apple crates, plant pots and garden debris!

Yesterday we were joined by some of the Neal’s Yard Remedies team from their Covent Garden HQ and we had an absolute blast!

As part of their annual community day they helped us to add even more environmentally friendly aspects to the Bees & Co. farm. Honeybees are an important part of the ecosystem but they’re not the only important insect – the team helped make bug houses, weave willow fences to the herb garden, planted some additional bee-friendly flowers to maximise all of the planting spaces we have, recycled plastic bottles to make enrichment for our chickens and chatted over a pizza lunch about the importance of corporate social responsibility and how we can all do a little more to make a positive impact on the environment we so heavily rely on.

Willow weaving to provide neat edging for the mint border, nesting material for birds and flowers for pollinators.

Tommie, who helps at the farm, used to be a chef and so we roped him in to firing up the wood-fired pizza oven to make us lunch. Despite singeing his eyelashes and getting smoke in his eyes, I think he loved it!

Huge thanks go to the Neal’s Yard Remedies team, kindred spirits in the Carbon Neutral, organic and environment fields, for helping us to create an even better environment for wildlife and symbiotically our honeybees.

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