New video series! Organic Eats & Garden Treats

Kathy Slack and Jez Rose in their new online video series Organic Eats & Garden Treats

I don’t mind admitting that there’s been a bit of a crisis here at the farm and I found myself right at the centre of it.

There’s been a conundrum with my carrots; a shake-up with my shallots and if I’m honest I’ve been perturbed with my parsnips.

Despite my best organic growing efforts, almost nothing grew in the vegetable garden this year, so I called in my friend Kathy Slack from Gluts and Gluttony. She’s the queen of growing veg and as a chef and food writer, knows what to do with it, too.

So we grabbed the camera man (appropriately – or at least I thought so) to record a mini series on GROWING organic vegetables at home (with some great tips from Kathy on ensuring super success); PREPARING vegetables to reduce food waste and finally (and my favourite video to film, although it was incredibly hot), COOKING vegetables to maximise flavour. It was such fun to shoot!

Filming with Kathy is always such fun!

It was a revelation to learn the mistakes I’d made trying to grow the vegetables (storing the seeds incorrectly; planting too closely together; planting too many flowers and of the wrong type) and to taste how incredible home grown, organic vegetables taste when you prepare and cook them in a way that lets their natural flavour burst out – the simplest cooking I’ve ever done and some of the tastiest, too!

You can go direct to each episode with thew links below (full-length versions are also available on my YouTube channel):

Episode 1: GROWING!
Episode 2: PREPARING!
Episode 3: COOKING!

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