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Revelation: I’m Not a Motivational Speaker… Are You?

jez rose the behaviour expert is not a motivational speaker but an inspirational business speakerYes, the expose of the year (if you don’t get out much) is that I’m not really a motivational speaker. Shock. Horror. Disgust. It’s all been a con. Or has it? I’ve never actually referred to myself as a “motivational speaker” and I don’t consider what I do to be motivating, per-se.

You see, what motivates one person, won’t necessarily motivate another. For some it’s the thought of earning enough money to treat their spouse, or nurture a family. But for others it might be exercise and others still, happiness. So, to stand in front of an audience of 500 business delegates and be a “motivational speaker” is, I think, a farce. It’s all very well that the speaker climbed Everest, backwards, on a unicycle but when I go back to work my manager is still an arse and the photocopier is still broken. It doesn’t

What Would YOU Do? Proactive thinking and how to always seek improvement

jez rose is the behaviour expert, a behaviour change consultant working worldwide on changing behaviour“It’s a pretty good zoo”, said young Gerald McGrew, “and the fellow who runs it seems proud of it, too”. “But if I ran the zoo”, said young Gerald McGrew, “I’d make a few changes. That’s just what I’d do… the lions and tigers and that kind of stuff, they have up here now are not quite good enough. You see things like these in just any old zoo. They’re awfully old fashioned. I want something new!”

Dr. Seuss’s Gerald McGrew sees something that most people – including the owner of the zoo – don’t see. He doesn’t settle for what is; for what exists – he dreams about improving what’s there; about making it even better so that more people will come and enjoy the zoo. But Gerald knows that it takes effort to do things differently. It’s not easy to stand out:

“If you want to catch beasts you don’t see every day, you have to go places quite out-of-the-way. You have to places no others can get to. You have to get cold and you have to get wet, too.”

And so it’s true, whether we speak in rhyming couplets or not – that everyone should throw ideas into

What Nelson Mandela’s Death Means for Us

nelson mandella dead jez rose  discusses the impact madiba's passing has on society

Something is missing from our world. A hole that will never be repaired. For some, the pain of that hole is felt deeply but for others, it will become apparent in time just how significant the passing of one of the world’s Father’s really is.

Mother Theresa, Ghandi and now Nelson Mandela. Three of the world’s guiding spirits and leading sources of inspiration for us all. If there was ever an example of an extraordinary person that

Dealing with the human – common HR problems

gof smith the community first responder sacked by south central ambulance service raises questions about common hr problemsA volunteer first responder of 15 years for South Central Ambulance Service has been “sacked” following complaints that he was speeding on his way to an emergency and for a “dangerous manoeuvre”. It’s caused public outcry with campaigns and a petition set up to challenge the decision and national newspaper and news coverage on the BBC, Daily Mail, Express and Telegraph.

To fill some gaps you may have in your knowledge, a first responder is

Rocking the Reebok Stadium in Bolton

the behaviour expert is jez rose creating extraordinary presentations that have dramatic impactIf you’re wondering what the giant purple thing in the photo is, it’s an 8 foot balloon…

I was invited to speak at a superhero themed conference for Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle this week, for 450 entrepreneurs and what a blast we had – quite literally.

I strongly believe, as Walt Disney once said, that “laughter is no enemy to learning” and when done correctly can enhance the long-term learning effect.

Proceeds of new book to be donated to The Contented Dementia Trust

the behaviour expert jez rose is donating the profits of his new book have a crap day to the alzheimers society in memory of his grandmaI’m witnessing first hand what an awful, literally soul-destroying and debilitating illnesses¬†Alzheimer’s and dementia¬†are. My Grandmother; once the life and soul of the party, who, whenever she stayed in hospital (once for a new hip; once for a “funny turn”), would receive cards from the staff, thanking her for her jovial disposition. She had a warming laugh. And that laughter you just don’t hear anymore.

There’s absolutely nothing any of us can do, other than watch the lady we once knew fade away. A bitter, twisted and grumpy old lady remains – the strongest juxtaposition to the Grandma I loved. It hurts to see her like this and what was once guaranteed to put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart, now brings tears to my eyes when I think of her. I’m sad for her, for me, for her family and for everyone who ever met her – she’s still alive but it feels as though the world has lost a wonderful woman already. The Grandma I knew isn’t there anymore.

Which is why I’ve decided to donate all of the profits from the sale of my new book, Have A Crap Day, to the the Contented Dementia Trust from

I’m building a cathedral

the behaviour expert is jez rose who specialises in inspiring and empowering people to be extraordinary

What is your approach to changing behaviour and creating extraordinary things? How do you view the things that you do?…

I love the parable of the two men laying bricks – you’ve probably heard it: both men are cementing bricks up and stacking them on top of each other – literally laying bricks. A passer by stops and asks: “what are you doing?” (parables always have someone irritating who asks obvious questions).

One man puts down his trowel and say: “I’m laying bricks!” The other man looks up briefly, with a smile on his face and says: “I’m building a cathedral!”.

And that’s exactly

[CASE STUDY] “The best conference host ever” Conference hosting with impact and a room full of laughter – Case Study 5

jez rose is the behaviour expert a professional conference and meeting host who is funny and has international experience

When an international pharmaceutical company needed a host for their annual conference, they took a brave decision to move away from a host they had used for many years. There was nothing wrong with the host but this year was important and they needed to make a real difference to the people in the room: morale needed boosting, a lot of very serious, key messages were being delivered and the whole event had to feel different and – most importantly – deliver impact.

The event producer was introduced to me by someone who had worked with me as a conference host before. I flew out to Munich to host the two day conference and was subsequently invited back to host the twice-yearly conference again. I’ve been presenting on television and live in front of audiences for 10 years now and nothing can