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[CASE STUDY] “The best conference host ever” Conference hosting with impact and a room full of laughter – Case Study 5

jez rose is the behaviour expert a professional conference and meeting host who is funny and has international experience

When an international pharmaceutical company needed a host for their annual conference, they took a brave decision to move away from a host they had used for many years. There was nothing wrong with the host but this year was important and they needed to make a real difference to the people in the room: morale needed boosting, a lot of very serious, key messages were being delivered and the whole event had to feel different and – most importantly – deliver impact.

The event producer was introduced to me by someone who had worked with me as a conference host before. I flew out to Munich to host the two day conference and was subsequently invited back to host the twice-yearly conference again. I’ve been presenting on television and live in front of audiences for 10 years now and nothing can

[CASE STUDY] When behaviours and attitudes must change and your conference needs to have an impact – Case Study 4

the behaviour expert is jez rose who is a business speaker who provides memorable, dynamic, unique and new concepts to business conferences and meetings

When a pharmaceutical company approached Jez to work alongside them at their brand conference, they had very specific goals and were serious about the impact the conference needed to have. 

The conference team had already seen him work the year before at an international pharmaceutical conference and, coupled with Jez’s guarantee, knew they would be in safe hands. But it didn’t make the brief any more serious.

Morale was waining and there had been a number of

CASE STUDY] Bespoke business training videos for in-house training – Case Study 2

jez rose the behaviour expert provides bespoke customer service training videos for global companies

I was approached by global hearing aid manufacturer, Unitron, to work closely with them on a new series of training videos to be used in an online, internal employee training project.

A detailed brief was taken as to the requirements of the videos, which were to include graphical elements, with an additional assessment component for viewers watching the videos. A script was then written, which included examples of assessment questions and styles, to be approved by the client. Auto-cue and professional, broadcast quality filming equipment was used to record the videos and the series of six videos were filmed in one week. Each

[CASE STUDY] A keynote conference presentation like nothing they’ve ever seen – Case Study 1

 jez rose the behaviour expert provides memorable, entertaining keynote presentations for business on achieving customer service excellence

The Research and Development Team at newly-formed Mondelez (the brains behind the hugely popular Tassimo hot drinks machines), needed a professional speaker to present at their annual conference. Their brief was quite specific: to engage staff at all levels, consisting of a mixed audience, mostly engineers, and to focus on the role individuals play in changing behaviour, enhancing collaboration between individuals within the team and unleashing the power of people.

They invited me to present a 60 minute keynote presentation for a small group of just 120 people.

The result can probably be best summed up by my client: “The feedback here has been quite amazing,

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Why I’m proud of what I do


It’s sometimes difficult when you’re so passionate about what you do, to not become blinkered by your own excitement and enthusiasm. After all, it doesn’t really matter whether we think we’re great at our job or not – you’re only as good as the last impression you made.

And in my case that can be in front of anything from 50 business executives, 600 sales people or 2,500 teachers – so it’s quite often a pretty big deal. But what I am truly grateful for, is how proud I am of what I do. I get an immense amount of satisfaction out of knowing that every day I wake up, The Behaviour Expert genuinely makes a difference to people’s lives. Hundreds of people each year contact me after they’ve attended one of my learning experiences to tell me that they’re inspired; motivated and have had their passions reawakened. They tell me they’re happier, more driven and enjoying their job more because of things I’ve said. That really is an awesome feeling.

“Jez Rose is mad – but he’s the best!” – Why does it work?

Some people have said my style is “unconventional”; “out of this world” and “highly energetic” – in fact a client recently said of me in their industry magazine: “Jez Rose is mad – but he’s the best!”. I know my presentations are fun, as that’s intentional, but there’s a serious, scientific foundation to my method…


Humans have pretty poor attention spans, generally. Getting 250 people together in a room, each with their own desires, learning needs and interests means you’re always going to struggle with maintaining everyone’s attention. Natural peaks and drops in the attention of your delegates is normal, however, it can be quite dramatic. The graph below shows how attention span dwindles over time and is immediately perked after a break – that’s why everyone charges out at the slightest hint that there is a coffee break approaching – they need it!

Getting the most from an external speaker – the secrets to hiring a good conference speaker


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When choosing a keynote speaker to speak at your conference or event, it is important to view it as the important investment that it is.  I have heard of – and seen – many professional conference speakers with excellent reputations and glowing testimonials, deliver presentations that are not well received.

These secrets will help maximise your ROI and ensure you get the best from your chosen business speaker:

As a recent client of mine from P&G quite rightly said to me: “time is of secondary importance”.  Cut the speaker’s allotted time at your peril. Professional conference speakers spend a lot of time and effort perfecting their presentation to create something powerful, which hopefully inspires and motivates: you are investing in a specialist in their field to speak to you.  If you reduce the time the speaker has to effectively deliver their presentation, you not only reduce the impact but it almost always doesn’t allow time to have the impact you hoped for.

Allow time for the keynote speaker to sound check.  This is critical.  If you cannot hear the conference speaker properly, the entire presentation will be tainted .  There’s nothing worse than trying to listen to someone when the microphone keeps cutting out or is distorted.  People simply lose interest and then you’ve wasted your investment.

Complex Communication

Communicating effectively can be a really complex task – particularly with humans – because language plays such an important part.  Most of the time it’s overly complicated because there is either emotion involved, or too many words. Let me give you a fun example you can use to highlight the point with your team:

What sentence has the word ‘and’ 5 times in a row and makes perfect sense?  Have a think…

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