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An Open Letter To My Teachers – And Your Teachers, Too

Time is finite: use it wisely and respect it while we have it.

Time is finite: use it wisely and respect it while we have it.

I’ve just got home from attending the committal of one of my school teachers: Jeremy Davies. It was to date the most beautiful ceremony I’ve attended and I left yearning to know Mr Davies more. The world has lost one of the really good guys; one of the bright lights and one of the shapers of the world.

I should explain that I had

Should A Conference Be An Experience? 2016 is the year of experience.

Jez Rose stretches training expectations and experiences.

Jez Rose stretches training expectations and experiences.

2016 is the year of experience.

Because we all want great experiences in life – I’ve never met anyone who actively seeks out terrible experiences. Especially if we’re attending a conference or meeting; sat all day inside a conference room.

Most of us are also keen on delivering great experiences, too. It’s this very reason that I started accepting invitations to speak at conferences and meetings: I wanted to shake up the accepted norm of the conference industry and help people wake up to just how exciting and enjoyable learning could be.

However, while any event or conference or meeting where training is taking place absolutely must be about the experience delegates have, it is critical to remember that it’s about their experience. Too many conference organisers focus on what they want their experience of it to be, based on their agenda.

Why Black Friday Is Making Us Mad – The sale sensation that triggers group mentality


Why does Black Friday appear to brainwash so many shoppers?

Are we being brainwashed by Black Friday? For some it conjures up apocalyptic scenes of chaos and savage groups looting shops, fighting over half price televisions and police officers grappling with shopaholics but how has this post-Thanksgiving shopping event turned so many human beings into manic deal-seekers?

Well, it’s simple really.

The Great British Beard Is A Fact, Not A Fad! New Research Shows That

Jez Rose in the studio talking beards on behalf of Percy Nobleman

Jez Rose in the studio talking beards on behalf of Percy Nobleman

You might have heard my voice on the radio quite a lot last week – on 16 different stations from Radio Yorkshire to Big City Radio in Birmingham and from BBC Radio Oxford in, well, Oxford to BFBS who broadcast internationally and pretty much everywhere in-between. I’d been asked to take a look at some research conducted by Percy Nobleman, the male grooming brand, about beards and to be the vocal ambassador of their brand on a media day. Having a beard and moustache myself, how could I possibly refuse?!

New research looking into the characteristics of the modern man has found that sporting a well kept beard is no longer just a trademark of hipster types.

The study of more than 2,000 British men with beards suggests that the look is far more widespread and is in fact the hallmark of

Research Leads To Top Tips for How To Make a Great First Impression

Jez shares his Top Ten Tips to Make a Good First Impression in The Daily Telegraph 1st September 2015

If you read The Daily Telegraph, you might have seen in yesterday’s Business supplement, my 10 Top Tips for Making a Great First Impression. If you don’t get The Daily Telegraph, you won’t have seen them – so I’ve attached them to this blog for your viewing pleasure.

I think the one that irritates me the most is definitely people being late – it’s one of

How mints make us tip more and why you can use this

There’s something in this minty-fresh research that excites my brain and it’s quickly become my latest obsession to work out ways to apply this in other areas. It consumes a lot of my time, so if you see me deep in thought, you can bet your minty breath that I’m pondering this. See if you can work out how to use this fascinating insight into human behaviour for your own organisation…

A social psychology study tested how we respond to waiters and waitresses in a restaurant and whether their behaviour would affect the chances of

Jez Is a Pin-Up: Train, Forever Sports & Start Your Business Magazine

Well, not quite, and with fashion sense like his I don’t think pin up is ever going to be on the cards but 2015 has been a bit of a busy time for Jez already, appearing on the front cover of the world’s most popular small business magazine, Start Your Business, with a 5 page feature on his approach to changing behaviour in order to improve results; a full page feature in Train magazine (think muscles, not choo choo) and a column in the Like A Boss feature of Forever Sports magazine, plus features in local and national press, radio and Candis magazine.

If you see Jez in print, why not tweet a photo to him @JezRose ?

Here’s Jez proving that he’s not pin-up material:

The most common question I’m asked: Why did I become a motivational speaker?

Jez Rose considers his title vile and believes he is an "accidental motivational speaker".

Jez Rose considers his title vile and believes he is an “accidental motivational speaker”.

I’m asked that question a lot. It’s not exactly at the top of the Careers Advisor’s list of potential career pathways for most 17 year olds. I don’t even remember “guest speaker” being on the list. I took those personality and career tests at school and they suggested I became either a nanny, undertaker or cleaner. Make of that what you will.

Well, the truth is I didn’t intend to become a motivational speaker and actually hate the term, as I’ve written about in other blogs. For a start, most people shudder, or at least screw up their nose when they hear the phrase “motivational speaker”. It’s a vile phrase and when you consider the practicalities of motivating large audiences of people (my audiences range from 50 to over 3,000 individuals), an impossible task.

My story is genuinely one of those “I just stumbled into it” ones. I had no plan to do this and when people ask me how to get into it, it’s a tough one to answer. However, in itself it does provide a useful answer, I believe. If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way to do it. If you don’t get round to doing it, you didn’t want to do it enough. It’s as simple as that. Whether you want to speak at conferences or own your own flower shop, grow your own business, or progress through the corporate ranks, it boils down to

When You Think You’re Having A Bad Day – it’s been one hell of a week

Forgive me.

I’m not really a fan of blogs. I enjoy writing them; it’s reading other peoples’ blogs I’m not all that fussed with. I never have been. I don’t think I’ve got anything more important to say than anyone else, don’t get me wrong, I just enjoy a good book or research paper (I know, Mrs Jez is so lucky, right?). I love the idea that in the film Julie and Julia, someone write a daily food blog, charting her adventures through the cookbook of Julia Childs, gaining hundreds of thousands of readers as she did it – and I can see how blogs provide a great platform for free speech, however, like I’m mac not PC; I’m book, not blog.

However. Today, I really do think I’ve got something to say that you should read.

Today, is Tuesday and for the first time ever, I’m using my blog to literally let rip. I’m apologising in advance because I have no other outlet right now and when you’ve read this, you’ll understand why I just have to get this all off of my chest and out of my mind, for my own sanity. I would call Mrs Jez but she’ll be asleep. I’m on my way to America and it’s super early.