Taking Meetings Back to Nature

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Business training is going back to nature with a new breed of courses aimed at stimulating delegates through a more natural take on the traditional conference set-up.

Chicken Training for Managers and Bee Keeping Team Building are just a couple of the courses – still teaching innovative, business-relevant, professional skills – offered by Behaviourist and conference speaker Jez Rose, who launched the project after 13 years of speaking at conferences around the world where delegates often struggled to concentrate in uninspiring conditions.

The training will be delivered in a brand new, purpose built, rural training facility on Rose’s own organic Cambridgeshire farm with the aim of helping delegates feel more engaged with both the natural environment, and the training they are receiving. 

“Just because the training is for business professionals, it doesn’t follow that it has to be delivered in a sterile ‘conference centre’ style environment where delegates struggle to stay alert, let alone enjoy learning.

Having travelled the world for over a decade, speaking at corporate conferences and advising some of the largest global brands, I’ve repeatedly witnessed delegates who feel uninspired by their surroundings, disconnected from the invigoration of the natural world and, as a result, struggle to retain the information they are learning. I knew there had to be a different way to approach this.”

Suitable for up to 20 people, the 75 square metre air conditioned barn features state of the art audio-visual facilities, a wild flower roof and overlooks the farm’s magnolia courtyard and vegetable garden.

Awarded 5 stars by the Soil Association ‘Organic Here!’ campaign, on-site catering includes organic tea, coffee and fresh juices, organic treats and an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven:

“I’ve seen first-hand the negative impact that sugary snacks and poor quality refreshments have on delegates, as they all succumb to sugar highs and lows throughout the day, concentration wains and their attention is rewarded with weak coffee and disgusting tea!” says Rose.

“These seemingly small things are important because research has shown that after 3 months, we remember a whopping 65% of information when we are fully engaged with it, as opposed to just 10% when we are simply told. The more naturally alert and energised delegates are, the more they’ll enjoy the experience and ultimately, the more they’ll learn. That can mean a huge difference to your ROI.”

Small and large groups find the space peaceful and inspiring.

The benefits of the natural world on business behaviour is something Rose knows a lot about, heading up The Good Life Project, – an innovative research project evidencing the impact of nature on workplace health, behaviour and wellbeing.

Supported by the Soil Association and broadcaster Kate Humble, the research is exploring the cognitive and emotional impact of nature in working environments.

Taking his research beyond just the theory, Rose says he is keen to keep the use of the barn competitively priced to encourage organisations to consider off-site meetings and training events in the restorative and naturally beneficial rural environment.

For pricing, availability and to find out more, visit: email or call Steph: 01733 602436


Jez Rose is The Behaviour Expert, a behaviourist, broadcaster and award-winning author of Flip the Switch. He is Faculty Lead of The Good Life Project.


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