His formidable reputation in the conference and incentives industry has been established by his unique ability to explore complicated topics in an accessible way with tremendous clarity, warmth and humour, for some of the world's leading brands.

Everyone was genuinely excited and enthralled by your presentation. I have never seen a team of people so positive and motivated by a keynote speaker.

Michael Bryn-Jones, Managing Director, St George PLC

Supported by glowing testimonials, for over a decade years Jez Rose has been invited to host and present at conferences in 26 countries.

Virtual Presentations & Hosting

Conference Keynote Presentation: 
Nature, nurture.

Recent studies revealed prison inmates in the UK spend more time outside than children, and over 70% of people don’t notice nature on their daily commute.

But businesses are run by people, and interaction with nature is an essential part of being human. We have developed a nature blindspot, and Jez believes it’s a hugely overlooked cause of most of the challenges workforces face today. Never has a topic been more timely or relevant.

Jez on stage

Jez’s ability to explore complicated yet meaningful topics in an accessible and engaging way is what makes him a firm favourite at conferences worldwide.

The overwhelmingly positive, scientifically evidenced impact of nature on human health, wellbeing and behaviour will surprise you; how simply it can change human behaviour will both delight and astonish.

Thanks so much for your energy and humour over the last 3 days. You are an absolute pleasure to work with and have been a highlight of the Summit for me. I sincerely hope we get to work together again in the future!

Zoe, Boehringer Ingelheim

In this highly engaging and fascinating presentation, Jez provides a striking insight into human behaviour and why we do what we do, positioning change as a natural and opportunity to adapt and evolve.

The world around us, and our lives within it, is ever-changing and constantly evolving. Yet change remains a significant cause of anxiety and disengagement in business. Jez shares his experience working with brands worldwide exploring how to improve the way we think, behave and ultimately achieve. In his inimitable style he outlines eleven powerful and practical models for embracing change based on our innate relationship with nature to enhance performance, collaboration and culture.

It's fair to say you were a really big hit! 5/5 from all 150 delegates! Thank you so much, and well done, getting 100% from this team is pretty remarkable!

Maxine, Group Commercial Director, Northumbrian Water

Conference Host & Facilitator

An articulate, experienced and highly skilled presenter, Jez Rose is the first choice for industry conferences and high-profile awards ceremonies around the world.

His energetic and engaging style helps bring passion and life to a wide range of formats, including facilitating discussion panels and workshops.

Coupled with a unique ability to engage audiences and inject great energy into conferences and awards ceremonies, Jez is frequently invited back year after year.

From BBC1's Saturday Kitchen to the Discovery Channel, ITV and BBC radio, Jez offers a unique and much sought-after wealth of experience in live presenting; blending his skills as a speaker, facilitator, and natural entertainer, client testimonials frequently mention his friendliness and professionalism.

From the moment Jez stepS onto stage he creates an energy in the room and level of delegate engagement like I’ve never seen before from a host. Effortlessly embracing our themes and conference objectives, Jez delivers a fantastic balance between agenda and humour with world class delivery.

Peter, Chief Executive, Mortgage Advice Bureau

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At Jez's farm or at your offices, half and full day workshops explore Jez's keynote and book themes, tailored to your requirements.

His books and online skills Masterclasses make the perfect follow-up to his presentations and delegate gifts.

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It was absolutely amazing and really hit the spot. The pace, energy and enthusiasm was fantastic. Many of our managers have ... emphasised how useful they found the content, how much they enjoyed it and how much they appreciated your informal, enthusiastic and humorous presentation style.

Sarah, Human Resources Director, Sodexo