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Supported by glowing testimonials, Jez's inimitable style brings laughter and learning together to create truly memorable and impactful presentations.

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What does it mean to be human? Embrace your one precious and meaningful life - take the 10 day "I am human Challenge" today


A regular guest and presenter on British television and radio, Jez brings a variety of topics to life.

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Jez Rose has been a firm favourite at conferences for more than a decade

A unique presenter and keynote speaker with the rare ability to genuinely inspire audiences, he's been invited to speak in more than 14 countries and at TEDx events in both the UK and USA.

The feedback here has been quite amazing, from "where on earth did you find a guy like that" (in the best possible sense) to "this was one of our best quarterly meetings ever". Whichever way you look at it, it was a win. Your style is completely different to any presenter I have seen before which is what made it so fresh and memorable.

Tony, Mondelez

His message is a simple yet powerful one: ever since humans stepped foot onto soil, nature had important lessons for us, but for centuries we've ignored them. It's resulted in disengaged leaders and workforces; cultures without passion - and an environment ignored. The overwhelmingly positive, scientifically evidenced impact of nature on human health, wellbeing and behaviour will surprise you; how simply it changes human behaviour will astonish.

He has made over 100 appearances on television and radio as a broadcaster, including regular features on BBC1's Saturday Kitchen and ITV's James Martin's Saturday Morning. His articles have appeared in The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, BBC Countryfile magazine and CNN.

His message is simple yet powerful: nature shows us that change brings with it opportunity.

The regular changes in nature and the impact they have on us, and our lack of awareness of it, are at the centre of Jez’s thinking and the core motivation for his work.

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Jez is a joy to work with, bringing a wonderful combination of both intelligence and humour to his role.

Catherine, Managing Director, Catherine Turner Events

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What does it mean to be human? Embrace your one precious and meaningful life - take the 10 day "I am human Challenge" today

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Moving into a new normal

As excitement and anticipation builds in equal measure for what the Covid-19 vaccine means for us all, discussion has returned to how we might all continue in the “new normal”. What do we need to consider for returning to a “new normal” at work? What will the “new normal” mean for our social lives; for […]

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